Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat.Frank Massey

TOOL BOX- Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat. Frank Massey Once upon a time a much treasured much loved Red tool box.............. It was a long engagement lasting 25years, many rings were exchanged, it was to be my last and only love. Polished regularly (no jokes) it took pride of place and featured famously in [...]

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Visit from the USA

Some of the BG Team came over from Wichita Kansas USA to conduct research and development with Frank and David Massey at the ADS Workshop last week. Despite watching England crash out of the world cup and USA advancing through the next stages our American cousins were more than sympathetic.... well at least for a [...]

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Current Measurement, Tools and Process

Current measurement tools and process Having witnessed recent confusion and inaccuracies in a recent publication I thought a look back at current measurement, tools and process, its intended to provide some much needed clarity. Our history, and the measurement of current goes all the way back to the dark days of off car ecu testing, [...]

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Caution V Common sense.

Diagnostics by nature can be quite repetitive, and I'm tempted to say boring; the obvious danger is omission or complacency in your process. This risk becomes greater with experience, the temptation to pre judge or take short cuts is always there. Sometimes the challenge is down to incomplete information, or the dreaded been worked on before, often adding [...]

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Injecting Some Sense

Developments in automotive technology, driven mainly by emission legislation, have challenged not only the way we approach problems  but also how we run, market and develop our skills and invest in what has become a complex, lucrative and rewarding industry. Clint Eastwood put it much better – ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’, ‘A [...]

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No can do, Yes CAN do….

No Can do, Yes CAN do…. This month’s technical trouble shooter takes a refreshing look back to basic diagnostic testing procedure and without doubt the best diagnostic tool on the market, You !! Last week in the workshop we were lucky enough to have the company of Adam from Autologic who wanted to progress within [...]

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Quality Costs less then you think!

This article was kindly written by my good friend and colleague Sean Lynch of D&S services based in London. www.facebook.com/Dsservs   Quality Costs less then you think! I was recently asked by a local engineering shop to look at an 07 Mercedes Sprinter that had drivability issues with a noise on the turbo but with [...]

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Quality isn’t expensive…. It’s priceless. Written By Frank Massey

Sometimes we get the opportunity to go back to our roots. As a professionally trained precision engineer, specialising in engine remanufacture the chance came knocking last week. It’s quite rare I get the chance to exercise my skill sets in engineering .why? In a word cost. So what’s the difference between price and cost? You [...]

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