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Autoinform Training

Diagnostics is not just about fixing a problem; it’s about building respect and winning new customers through a successful reputation. AUTOiNFORM  is a truly unique training provider, over 25 years, we have trained many of the country’s leading diagnostic experts

Our training courses are modular, building both experience and confidence, in a SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND approach we cover a wide range of subjects introducing tools and techniques developed in the ADS workshop.

How to approach a problem, risk assessment, customer liaison, knowing which tool, when, why and how to use it.

The Faces of Autoinform Training

Frank Massey
Frank MasseyDiagnostic Trainer
With over 45 years of Industry experience Frank uses his vast system knowledge to bring some of the very best diagnostic testing techniques to our training courses.
David Massey
David Massey Diagnostic & business development Trainer
David has worked alongside his father frank for over 20 years and since taking over the family commercial business created an incredibly successful VW Audi independent workshop.
Annette Parkinson
Annette ParkinsonTraining Coordinator
Annette looks after all events and training coordination including group training sessions, large networking events and also private one-on-one sessions with our trainers.

Our Training Gallery

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The very latest Diagnostics techniques on the latest vehicle systems.

Code reading made easy, understand the difference between symptoms and cause. Never fit an unnecessary part again. Understand how and more important why systems fail. The only way to learn is the ADS way, when we fix it stays fixed

Direct Petrol Course

In my opinion, this series of courses represents the most challenging  of the entire training programme. Direct petrol injection systems embrace many aspects of technical innovation:

  • advanced engine design,
  • variable valve timing and lift,
  • cylinder select,
  • homogenous and stratified fuelling control,
  • multiple sensors for emission regulation,
  • the high pressure system and injector technology.
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Ignition Diagnostics

The ignition system is one of the oldest and most complex systems on a vehicle. This course covers rotating, double-ended coil and coil on plug systems. The four critical elements: burn time, primary current ramping, coil ringing and firing line load, all explained with the aid of both scan tool, where possible, and the ultimate tool, an oscilloscope. Not all misfires are caused by ignition failure. Know how to separate other causes, understand how the ECU compensates for different fuel and load conditions.

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Oscilloscope Training

Scope training with ADS will introduce, develop and push the envelope, testing simple and complex components in a focused, often simple way. Acquisition and display are some of the basic tools, complimented with triggering, filtering and sampling explained. This course focuses on the use and application of the tool, complimented with further component testing techniques. Delivered as a start-up foundation course or advanced skills development.

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