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Online business support package


2-day intensive online essential skills training course

Are you fed up or confused at the lack of results from paid advertising campaigns online? Are you sick and tired of web companies promising you the earth and delivering the moon? Are you confused about SEO and social media marketing?

What if I told you that with training and a little hard work, I could teach you how to take control and master the basic skills necessary to take control of your own online marketing and grow your business.

What started as a hobby born out of frustration being constantly let down and lied to by web marketing companies, I decided to take matters into my own hands and build my own website. Not only did I build my website, I also optimised all my pages to suit my specialist business and within 3 months I had grown my company by 300%.

Not only did my company grow but I was working on cars I’ve always

I quickly realised I had a formula that works, so I started to help other people and see if I could repeat the results. It started out as seminars giving talks and quickly escalated into acting as a consultant and building websites for our clients. For me personally, I never did agree and like paying someone else to market my own business and to be honest, who else better than yourself to market and shout about your own company ?

My consultancy and training program is aimed at giving you the confidence and skills necessary to repeat exactly what I have achieved.

Cost is £695 +VAT for the weekend

About the Course

The weekend training course is an intensive two-day introduction to online marketing, which is aimed at giving you the confidence and skills to effectively market your garage business and generate better quality of work/customers. This is a no-nonsense course which will break myths about SEO and equip you with the necessary skills to ‘do it yourself’ and save thousands on Add words campaigns and SEO companies who over promise and underdeliver.

Unlock the limitless power locked in your website and social channels and watch your business take off and fly. You will given access to our private Facebook group which is purely for attendees of our marketing course and clients for whom we’ve built websites and receive discounted prices of our web design and build program and also receive 1-1 support for 12 months through our own private FB group.

“Remember, this isn’t just a training course, this package will redefine your business, enable you to take control, grow your business exponentially saving you valuable time and precious money”

David Massey

  • Easy to understand language
  • Empowering you to take control
  • No technical Jargon
  • Fun and interactive
  • Focusing on your business
  • Hands on practical sessions
  • How to create effective online strategy
  • Stop wasting money on ad word campaigns
  • Take back control and grow your business
  • Work on the cars and deal with the customers you’ve always wanted

Day one

  • Introduction amongst group
  • Individual Goals/Targets
  • Create bespoke online battle plan for each delegate
  • Brief intro to ADS & growth through digital marketing (how we did it)
  • Basic Google my business profile setup (live)
  • Introduction to SEO (Yoast plugin)
  • Introduction to how Google works and ranks your site
  • Real time check on your optimisation on Google
  • Web page SEO on your sites (Live)

Day two

  • Day 1 review and catchup
  • Review on your current social channels
  • How to script an create effective blog posts
  • Add words vs Organic 
  • How to create effective add words
  • Instagram (how to create effective Instagram posts)
  • You tube account setup
  • How to create effective youtube videos and sharing.
  • Q&A session

Cost is £695 +VAT for the weekend

Helen Thursfield


Having just completed this weekend SEO & Marketing Course with Dave , it was a complete pleasure to be in the company of so many talented people in the industry, we learnt so much , if you are looking to enhance you business in this way David Massey and this course is certainly way To go , Many Thanks”

James Hulse

owner of North West VAG Tech wrote

I have just completed a course on SEO and marketing with Dave.  The course content was second to none and Dave managed to explain on a level we all understood what works in SEO and what we need to do for our marketing. I’d recommend this course to any garage owner by far the best money I’ve spent on training. Many thanks Dave.”

Clive Atthowe

(two time top tech winner) wrote

“I have just completed a course on SEO, social media and marketing with Dave this weekend. The course and content were so inspirational really got me thinking. So many things that I would not have considered before when it comes to SEO and marketing my business. Dave has a vast personal experience in this subject and shows practical examples of what works and why. I came away buzzing and look forward to putting the training into place. I would thoroughly recommend this training to any forward-thinking garage owners who want to improve their business marketing.”