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Diagnostic Training Australia with Frank Massey

Australia Vehicle Diagnostic Training Tour Having just spent three weeks touring New South Wales, whilst delivering two training events, firstly in Sydney then Canberra I thought it would be interesting to compare how our two [...]

Battery Testing

Battery testing & evaluation By Frank Massey Batteries are one of the very first electrical components fitted to vehicles, because of this there is an element of complacency with testing and evaluation. My college days [...]

International Diagnostic Training

Trip 1- Italy May 2018  PCB automotive, expert training Modena Italy 2018 by Frank Massey I have just returned from delivering a two-day advanced technical training seminar to 21 of Italy’s top independent technicians. Travelling [...]

The future of DPF servicing?

DPF Servicing Two months from now will bring my tenure in the motor industry to 49 years! I would like to think I have evolved in keeping up with technology, enabling me to provide a [...]

Autoinform Live 2017 Show- Automotive Training

The weekend show will feature some of the very best tier 1 suppliers & Automotive training experts delivering the very best in vehicle diagnostics, mechanical systems knowledge and future technologies. The Autoinform Live 2017 Show [...]

Automotive diagnostic training for your business

Autoinform are very proud to offer the very latest in Automotive diagnostic training to the vehicle industry. Over the past 15 years our trainer Mr Frank Massey has developed a complete set of vehicle diagnostic [...]

Pressure School- PT1

As automotive technology marches relentlessly on, the demand for equally advanced test equipment and measurement techniques has increased in direct proportion. PicoScope automotive scopes are one such example. They sit alongside any Scantool to support [...]

Autoinform & Pico evening

On Thursday 6th July we hosted a small free Diagnostic evening at ADS Automotive. The evening showcased the Pico 4 channel oscilloscope and Pressure transducer kit. Our very own Frank & David Massey provided hands-on [...]

FREE Technical Diagnostic evening

ADS Limited & Frank Massey have teamed up with Pico Automotive to host a FREE diagnostic evening on Thursday 6th July in Preston Lancashire. Places are extremely limited so a deposit of £50 must be [...]

Pico Technology celebrates 25th anniversary

Pico celebrates there 25th anniversary In July 2016 Pico Technology celebrated an incredible 25 years of business. Pico oscilloscopes, signal generators and dara loggers are used by mechanics, scientists and technicians around the world. Pico [...]

Autoinform Charity Tough Mudder

The Team at ADS Autoinform have decided to take part in Tough Mudder Northwest on Saturday 9th September for Prostate Cancer UK. Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to drag [...]

The future of DPF Servicing

Two months from now will bring my tenure in the motor industry to 49 years! I would like to think I have evolved in keeping up with technology, enabling me to provide a professional service, [...]

Current measurement tools and process

Having witnessed recent confusion and inaccuracies in a recent publication I thought a look back at current measurement, tools and process, its intended to provide some much needed clarity. Our history, and the measurement of [...]

Miss-fire Misunderstood

I love the word misfire, it’s the most misused expression in the technician’s vocabulary! Simplistically it falls into 3 categories, 1. Ignition malfunction, 2. Mechanical faults, 3. Fueling errors. There we are all done end [...]

Want the best diagnostic training but can’t afford to close your workshop ??

Live Diagnostics Fed up with falling behind with the latest vehicle technology ? Missing opportunities by turning away profitable diagnostic work ? Want to train in the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment but [...]

Autoinform Live 2016 line up!

We are very excited to announce this years Autoinform Live line up!  Autoinform is a  weekend of Live hands-on diagnostics, we will be showcasing the latest products, technology and equipment available in the aftermarket. This [...]

VW Touareg V10 Wiring

ADS Automotive Workshop Blog- Presented into the workshop this week we had a once very desirable and impressive VW Touareg equipped with a beast of engine in the shape of a V10 diesel which on [...]

Audi TTRS- A bad smell!

AUDI TTRS, 8J ENGINE CDLB Faced with a, Audi TTRS from a well-respected vw specialist we just know it’s not going to be straight forward. Let’s begin with the facts, a new injector had been [...]

DSG Disaster- By Andy Kelly

Article by Andrew Kelly Owner of Drighlington MOT and service station. Not all jobs go to plan. After completing the LUK DSG clutch course we were pleased when a 2011 VW Golf 1.6 Bluemotion with [...]

You cannot have a steak for the price of a Big Mac

All garage friends must read this, too funny not to share. Email from Customer- Dave, After speaking with you yesterday and indicating that the replacement of the DPF on my NISSAN would be around £800 [...]

Autoinform Live weekend 2015

Autoinform Live is a hands-on training and networking weekend designed to bring together independent garages with tier 1 manufactures and Automotive trainers. The weekend covers everything from vehicle diagnostics, business development, selecting and fitting the [...]

Rover 75 Diagnostics- double trouble

The New Year brings an exciting start to our new training facility at our Preston workshop. Dedicated diagnostic bays run side by side with our commercial repair facility. Training can now be conducted in real [...]

50 Shades of Carbon

Hoping to improve on my personal finances I decided to write something dirty this month. Having written many times reflecting on problems associated with diesel combustion and it’s post combustion treatment failures. Also I recall [...]

AUDI RS6 V10 Diagnostics

The badge on the boot displays the magic letters RS6.  Then you look to the other side and it’s the big one, V10!  This one is bigger than most due to the previous tuning work [...]

VW emissions scandal !!

    Firstly i would like to apologise for not posting on Autoinform for some time, as i'm sure most of you are aware of the recent new business premises we have acquired and for [...]

WPS500X- Technical Question

Technical question: WPS500X We recently had a customer question come through our Support desk, regarding the WPS500X pressure transducer. Steve Smith, our Automotive Applications Specialist responds: Q: Hi - Can you tell me if the [...]

Autoinform Live weekend 2015!

Save the date! We are pleased to announce that Autoinform Live will be returning later this year! Date- 28th & 29th November 2015 Location- GTG Training Academy in Wolverhampton- Midlands Evening Gala meal- Wolves Molineux [...]

Watch out Bradley Wiggins

Watch out Bradley Wiggins! So Frank has now successfully completed the London to Paris bike ride 240miles in less than 24 hours for the Fantastic BEN Charity! We would like to thank all individuals who [...]

Frank Massey 24hr Charity Bike ride London to Paris

I will be taking part in this year's London to Paris 24hr Cycling Challenge for the Charity BEN starting on the 5th June 2015 in Blackheath Common Nr Greenwich (SE London). BEN is the UK’s dedicated [...]

Having a good process- POLO GTI 2011

HAVING A GOOD PROCESS- POLO GTI This month I would like to pick up on several issues which I’m sure affect usall. It’s not often to feel satisfaction over a technical challenge, a vw polo [...]

A vote for independence

A vote for independence By Frank Massey. This repair fell right in the middle of the Scottish vote for independence, considering the possibility for an export licence and the distance between the owner’s home near [...]

The next generation of Automotive PicoScopes has arrived!

The big news from Pico Technology in September of this year was the release of the PicoScope 4225 and 4425. The new 2 and 4 channel automotive scopes are replacing the long serving PicoScope 4223 [...]

Double trouble

Firstly I’d like to offer my sincere apologies for the big delay in writing for Auto inform but the new arrival of my daughter Sofia eva-jean Massey has somewhat used up any free time I [...]

The next technical Era

By Frank Massey I was tempted to call this feature new technology, it is however not all that new. What’s remarkable is the way in which the chosen technologies are fully integrated, even in vehicles [...]

Knowing when to stop

Knowing when to stop- by Frank Massey   Many of you will know from our training programme and presentations around the country that knowing when to stop is as important as knowing what you are [...]

Clutching at Straws

Clutching at straws by Frank Massey 13 plate Audi 1s don’t often go wrong, when a dual control driving instructors vehicle time is in short supply. Clutch and brake pedal switches have been around for [...]

Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat.Frank Massey

TOOL BOX- Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat. Frank Massey Once upon a time a much treasured much loved Red tool box.............. It was a long engagement lasting 25years, many rings were exchanged, it was [...]

Visit from the USA

Some of the BG Team came over from Wichita Kansas USA to conduct research and development with Frank and David Massey at the ADS Workshop last week. Despite watching England crash out of the world [...]

Current Measurement, Tools and Process

Current measurement tools and process Having witnessed recent confusion and inaccuracies in a recent publication I thought a look back at current measurement, tools and process, its intended to provide some much needed clarity. Our [...]

AUTOiNFORM Live 2014

Announcement!  29th/30th November 2014- Wolverhampton UK's only HANDS-ON, LIVE Event that will bring together independent Garages with the Best Suppliers. A weekend of Interactive hands-on workshops, technical presentations, diagnostics and certified courses, organised by OESAA (Original Equipment [...]


The 3.0T supercharged 3.0L V6 engine is fast becoming one of the most widely used engines in the Audi lineup. It can be found powering anything from the big Q7, through to the executive A7 [...]


The ST250 is one of Ford’s finest hot hatches to date and comes equipped with the already potent 2.0T Ecoboost engine. Revo Performance were quick to market with the Stage 1 performance software for the [...]


People say you can’t have your cake and eat it. Here at Revo performance we’ve been tuning VAG diesel vehicles for over a decade and provide exception to that rule… Tuning your diesel vehicle with Revo [...]


Performance comes in many shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of low-slung Italian exotics being the only ‘fast’ road cars – in 2014 there’s a high performance model to suit ALL your driving needs! [...]

Quality that counts

Quality that counts Written by Richard Barnett  GMOTPRO_AutoInform_Live With technology moving forward so quickly The Garage magazine’s Richard Barnett reminds independent workshops of the importance of investing in people and training. We all know what [...]

Caution V Common sense.

Diagnostics by nature can be quite repetitive, and I'm tempted to say boring; the obvious danger is omission or complacency in your process. This risk becomes greater with experience, the temptation to pre judge or take short cuts [...]

Injecting Some Sense

Developments in automotive technology, driven mainly by emission legislation, have challenged not only the way we approach problems  but also how we run, market and develop our skills and invest in what has become a [...]

No can do, Yes CAN do….

No Can do, Yes CAN do…. This month’s technical trouble shooter takes a refreshing look back to basic diagnostic testing procedure and without doubt the best diagnostic tool on the market, You !! Last week [...]

The futures bright !

  BMW's New Laser Headlamps Will Provide Day-Like Illumination     Most car makers take safety measures seriously nowadays and the big German manufacturers have a reputation in this area that many rivals eye with [...]


OESAA (Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association) ‘Our Quality. Your Reputation.’ An innovative conference and hands-on technical and training weekend for UK independent garages is being backed by the campaign to promote the benefits of workshops [...]

Quality Costs less then you think!

This article was kindly written by my good friend and colleague Sean Lynch of D&S services based in London.   Quality Costs less then you think! I was recently asked by a local engineering [...]

REVO Technik tuning solutions

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Morning coffee and politics

I spent the morning watching a debate about the National Health Service and in particular the closure of some hospitals. The argument was in support of focusing on highly skilled specialist hospitals. Providing care and [...]

Quality isn’t expensive…. It’s priceless. Written By Frank Massey

Sometimes we get the opportunity to go back to our roots. As a professionally trained precision engineer, specialising in engine remanufacture the chance came knocking last week. It’s quite rare I get the chance to [...]

Long Life servicng, the truth.

Now I'm sure this a hot topic amongst us technicians and I'm sure you will all have something to say about it and I encourage you to do so ! I'm not renowned for beating [...]

Half truth is lie.

initial miss fire DTC's In the workshop recently we were presented with a BMW 1 series 116 petrol E87 model with a complaint of a hesitation under load or what can be described [...]

Braking news

Braking news !!!!! You get what you pay for !! This Renault Clio Sport 182 was presented into our workshop having just had the front and rear brake discs and pads replaced at by a [...]

Extra power at your fingertips

SEAT LEON K1 in for REVO stage 1 with linear throttle map. 265bhp increased to 310 bhp running high octane fuel.

OESAA (Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association)

OESAA (Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association)   ‘Our Quality – Your Reputation’ The campaign to promote the benefits of garages fitting original equipment (OE) parts is gathering pace with a publicity campaign being aimed directly [...]


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