Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat.Frank Massey

TOOL BOX- Withering Heights by Emily Bronte feat. Frank Massey

Once upon a time a much treasured much loved Red tool box…………..

workshop tool inventory 017

It was a long engagement lasting 25years, many rings were exchanged, it was to be my last and only love. Polished regularly (no jokes) it took pride of place and featured famously in several photographs.

LUK -00290

Then suddenly one day last week out of the blue came a divorce. It was a crippling blow. We were on our way out to enjoy the sunshine without warning Sir Isaac Newton came along and snatched her from my grip.

This brings me to the next chapter, a quick search on the internet dating site a new bride was found…… she’s a little green behind the ears, moving in was a big trauma for both of us but we seem to be getting on fine now.

And they lived happily ever after……

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