Battery Testing

Battery testing & evaluation By Frank Massey Batteries are one of the very first electrical components fitted to vehicles, because of this there is an element of complacency with testing and evaluation. My college days remind me that it’s a chemical cocktail storage device, converting chemical energy into electrical energy. Today however it’s a fully [...]

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International Diagnostic Training

Trip 1- Italy May 2018  PCB automotive, expert training Modena Italy 2018 by Frank Massey I have just returned from delivering a two-day advanced technical training seminar to 21 of Italy’s top independent technicians. Travelling from across Italy and beyond attending PCB’S international training program, focusing on gasoline direct injection and common rail diesel. The [...]

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Pressure School- PT1

As automotive technology marches relentlessly on, the demand for equally advanced test equipment and measurement techniques has increased in direct proportion. PicoScope automotive scopes are one such example. They sit alongside any Scantool to support the diagnostic route taken by a technician to an accurate and cost effective conclusion. Integrating the scope throughout the diagnostic [...]

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