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Trip 1- Italy May 2018 

PCB automotive, expert training Modena Italy 2018 by Frank Massey

I have just returned from delivering a two-day advanced technical training seminar to 21 of Italy’s top independent technicians. Travelling from across Italy and beyond attending PCB’S international training program, focusing on gasoline direct injection and common rail diesel.

The essence of the training was the advanced application of Pico oscilloscope to diagnose and gain predictive evidence for a repair solution. The technicians were particularly interested in the techniques of high pressure pump testing pioneered by ADS several years ago.

Attending the event were diesel & gasoline specialist and Italy’s most respected BOSCH trainer. No pressure then! The session began with an explanation of the importance of scope performance when gathering data at high resolution requirements. Acquisition, storage, display, test lead bandwidth & advanced triggering with maths channel analysis.

As expected BOSCH had a different political agenda towards our pump proof testing, it was however received with enthusiasm and great interest once its accuracy and simplicity was experienced.

The session on ignition evaluation was of great interest especially when focusing on primary current ramping and slew rate. Further discussion on burn time & slope completed the morning session.

The 4-course lunch was a typical treat of local Italian hospitality and cuisine.

The afternoon session included the evaluation of load request with air mass and lambda response. by comparing response and rise time evaluation its possible to predict and confirm complex fuel delivery & combustion anomalies.

A full 8-hour day concluded with hybrid cart racing north of bologna, followed by the inevitable pizza & Mr Moretti’s finest.

Day 2 and cr diesel with a similar agenda with a strong focus on maths analysis of pressure and volume control against fuel delivery pressure. We have accumulated a vast data base of rail pressure profiles, rise and decay times across all diesel manufacturers. this was of great interest to a bosch pump & injector repair specialist. Approving nod’s and smiles throughout supported our confidence in this form of diagnostic analysis.

There was great interest in the examination and influence of rail pressure & air mass response time. converting digital air mass into a current profile enabled delegates to understand the speed and simplicity with which a technician can determine the source of an error, either hydraulic or sensor input.

The day concluded with certificates and a photo session. Teachers usually get apples from students so imagine my joy with a bottle of wine and finest olive oil.

With a 6.30 flight in the morning and 50KM back to bologna, it was a very nice gesture from Luca my host to a special evening meal at a villa outside Modena.

I found it intriguing to be asked by several of the delegates, that, with my international training experience as to where the best technicians are to be found. I responded including them with the very best, not just because of their technical fluency, but especially their mutual respect and co-operation with each other, sadly lacking with some in the UK!

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