Watch out Bradley Wiggins

Watch out Bradley Wiggins!

So Frank has now successfully completed the London to Paris bike ride 240miles in less than 24 hours for the Fantastic BEN Charity! We would like to thank all individuals who have donated so generously to this great cause including our main sponsors Vincents solicitors in Lancashire, Autocare, Smart image work-wear, Pico Technology and BG Products a full list is available on just giving web site. With everyone’s help we have managed to raise over £2500 which will make such a difference to those people who really need our help.

Vincent Solicitors our number 1 sponsor who specialise in Motoring, Family and criminal Law

Thanks to everyone at Vincent Solicitors our number 1 sponsor who specialise in Motoring, Family and Criminal Law- special thanks to Carlos Lopez (head of clinical negligence) and Olivia Robinson (Director) for being roped into the picture.

Franks London 2 Paris 24 hr Blog-

Friday 5th 08.45 Virgin Train to Euston from Preston- making the most of it and ordering 2 breakfasts! So Bradley I managed 220 miles in 2hr 40 min!

Arriving in style

Arriving in style

Arriving at the start Line 12.20 Black-heath in London I arrived last and began scouting the entrants it its habit from my competitive days,


Rule 1 never stray from the front 6 in a group. Due to form gaps and traffic lights soon split the whole group over the rest of day, the whole group found similar ability riding buddies and all I’m sure enjoyed a very tough ride. let me just explain here that cycling if conducted aggressively always hurts , stick with it , still hurts you just go faster .

Stage 1- The first Leg took us past Biggin hill then to Tonbridge, sorry Nev a close friend and sponsor lives there couldn’t stop, the red mist was in full flow. And then to Battle near the coast.

14.00- 18.00 we then set on climbing a total of 8500ft over the North and south Downs- OUCH!! Watering stops every 30 miles and food every 60 ensured healthy hydration. The entire course right up to PARIS center was superbly marked, thanks to the entire support team.

Food Stop

Stage 1 (continued)- We then turned right heading out towards new Haven and the Ferry, However there was a final sting in the tail after the town Polgate over Fore down Hill- Double OUCH!

19.00- Much needed Dinner break


21.30- 95miles completed- We had then finally reached the ferry, feeling very sorry for ourselves and questioning our own sanity.

5 hours on the ferry trying to sleep in a chair with my legs through a porthole. Lights on, public bar in the background, I did consider if the baby changing bench would take my weight? Cabins or sleeping bags next time!!!!

06.00 (French time) Starting 2nd Stage in Dieppe only 145 miles to go , its dark cold and a prevailing head wind. The first stop after 25 miles was a graveyard, yes seriously! Very apt for how we were all feeling.

Thankfully the roads were excellent with virtually no traffic! The weather eventuality was hot yet still windy. We had rolling hills with a total climb of 5500ft which was thankfully not as severe as our UK first stage.


With 50 miles to go and on our final food stop at this point I was totally exhausted. But the French bread, Ham cheese and Pate worked a treat! Thanks girls , I was so exhausted I didn’t bother peeling my orange , food , food , and more food and off we go straight up one of the longer climbs of the day , I lost ground to my 2 buddies here but somehow recovered and was flying it took a couple of miles to pullback the half mile arrears


Last stop!

The final 50miles- Not sure if it was the food, weather or adrenaline but somehow the time passed quicker than I imagined and we arrived in Paris- Hooray!!!The 4 of us in the leading group enjoyed a well-deserved cold ice cream watching the chaotic Parisian lifestyle. Eventually all less one! Re grouped for a coordinated ride in, taking in the Arc de Triomphe. And Avenue des Champs-Élysées through the evening traffic grid lock to the Eiffel tower. After the photo shoot and beating off the cold beer touts we were told it’s only a 5 mile ride to the hotel!! So if my sponsors are feeling ever more generous…..

My final total is 5 miles to Preston station, 9 miles from Euston 245 to Paris 3 miles to the tower 5 miles to the hotel, 7 miles St Pancreas Euston and a midnight train to Georgia, I mean Preston and a ride home at 0015 hrs. ! That makes 274 I think. on a very personal note thanks to my immediate 2 buddies Steve and David  they pushed me to and beyond what I thought was my limit I loved every minute, the , pain , the suffering and friendship,  is nothing compared to the needs of other less fortunate requiring BEN support .

Remember you can still donate to my page-


We finally made it! Time for a beer!

We finally made it! Time for a beer!


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