The ST250 is one of Ford’s finest hot hatches to date and comes equipped with the already potent 2.0T Ecoboost engine. Revo Performance were quick to market with the Stage 1 performance software for the ST250 and are proud to announce the next step in tuning this great platform, the Revo Performance High Flow Intake.

This intake has been designed and engineered from the ground up to provide optimum flow. Rigorous real world bench flow testing and computer modelling have optimized the design to provide large power gains of 10-15bhp and 15-20lbft at the wheels over Revo Stage 1 software.

The three-stage motorsport filter, with an impressive 857cm² surface area is supported by galvanised, epoxy-coated mesh to ensure that the filter cannot collapse. Its large 180mm outside diameter body and a smooth radius, aluminum bell mouth provide optimum airflow.

The lightweight aluminium one piece intake pipe work has an integral MAF housing which is scaled to correct factory sizing. To maximize the airspeed through the intake, constant diameter, large radius bends are used throughout with minimal pipe joins.

The intake also features a laser-cut aluminium heat-shield that ensures the filter is well insulated from ambient under-bonnet temps. The shielding is designed to seal against the underneath of the bonnet liner and utilises the ducting in the OEM grill to prevent heat-soak.

All aluminium pipework is finished in a black powder coat to provide a subtle under bonnet appearance and the intake is supplied with all hardware to fit, plus a fitting guide.


Fast Facts –

• Intake gives gains of 10-15bhp and 15-20lbft at the wheels on a Stage 1 Revo flashed vehicle.

• Motorsport 180mm high flow air filter.

• Venturi bell mouth filter to pipe transition for optimum flow.

• Precision, laser cut heat shield.

• Calibrated MAF housing for reliable ECU data.

• Shallow radius bends and minimal pipe joins for high gas speed.

• Fits all ST250 2.0T Focus ST.

• Priced at just £299+ vat ($508.30/€373.75 +tax)


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