The 3.0T supercharged 3.0L V6 engine is fast becoming one of the most widely used engines in the Audi lineup. It can be found powering anything from the big Q7, through to the executive A7 while also sitting under the bonnet of the high performance S4 and S5 models. Revo’s popular Stage 1 performance file for these engines has long been the ‘go to’ performance upgrade, but some customers have been hungry for even more…

Following an arduous 12months test period, Revo are pleased to announce the release of their uprated supercharger pulley kit and stage1+ performance software for all Audi 3.0TFSI engines.

The lightweight, hard anodized, billet aluminum pulley is designed with a smaller circumference than standard and allows not only a higher supercharger speed and higher boost levels but also benefits from lower parasitic supercharger losses due to the improved belt tooth engagement.

Installation is simple at any of Revo’s approved dealers and can be done at the same time as your stage 1+ OBD software flash.

Revo stage 1+ is a true bolt on solution for an addition 100WHP! With the accompanying stage1+ software file flashed to the car a huge improvement in both power and torque can be felt throughout the rev range. With more than 100hp and up to 90lbft at the wheels available over standard on tap, it will feel transformed!

On the road this translates to a more flexible engine with much more midrange urgency. Testing on Revo’s in house S5 Coupe has shown consistent 3.7 second 0-60 and 8.8 second 0 – 100 times with increased drivability and no discernable trade off in supercharger longevity.

Stage 1+ catapults the 3.0T into supercar territory!


Fast Facts

• Upto 100bhp and 90ft/lb at the wheels more than stock.

• Matched pulley and Stage 1+ performance software.

• Precision machined pulley with hard anodized finish.

• Supercharger belt and full fitting instructions included.

• Suitable for all Audi 3.0TFSI: A4, A6, A7, Q5, Q7, S4 and S5 models.

• Priced at just £300+ vat ($500/€360 +tax) for the pulley kit and £50+vat ($50/€50+tax) to upgrade to Stage 1+ from Stage 1 Software


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