Pico Technology celebrates 25th anniversary

Pico celebrates there 25th anniversary


In July 2016 Pico Technology celebrated an incredible 25 years of business. Pico oscilloscopes, signal generators and dara loggers are used by mechanics, scientists and technicians around the world. Pico automotive diagnostics branch have enabled a huge amounts of vehicle technicians to diagnose complex electronic, hydraulic and mechanical systems, keeping cars on the road and customers happy.

Back when it all started in 1991 huge leaps in technology had taken place, Intel introduced the low-cost 486SX microprocessor, priced at $258. It was implemented on PCs running MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.0. The World Wide Web Consortium was founded by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, and the GSM mobile network was launched in Europe.

Then on the 1st July 1991 Alan Tong and Mike Green co-founded Pico Technology. The company was originally set up as a software consultancy solutions using plug-in expansion cards, mostly for customers in the medical industry.

Pico introduced its first product, the ADC-10, so called because it was an analog to digital converter and sampled at 10 kS/s. It connected to the PC via the parallel port. The first order for ADC-10s was received in August that year, with two units sold for £49 each.

The ADC-10 was the world’s first PC Oscilloscope, This was only the beginning!  Pico also notched up several more industry firsts, including the first oscilloscope with digital triggering and the first high-resolution oscilloscope.

Fast forward to 2016/17, Pico now has over one hundred employees at its head office in St Neots, UK and its subsidiaries in the USA and Lithuania. The company has three divisions producing Test & Measurement, Automotive Diagnostics and Radio Frequency test products that are sold worldwide.

The main man Managing Director and owner Alan Tong said “Pico Technology are serving engineers, scientists and technicians with affordable instruments that capture, display and analyze the signals in their world. We take advantage of the latest computing and communications standards and provide excellent value with all-inclusive product packages that don’t require users to purchase additional options or licenses.”

“The company culture at Pico is key to our success,” continued Tong. “We treat customers as our friends, with free software upgrades and technical support for the lifetime of each product. Pico users are very loyal and have become strong advocates for our products amongst their colleagues. We also enjoy very low staff turnover – many of our employees have been at Pico for over a decade.”

“On the 1st July we celebrated with our employees; but we also had in mind other people—suppliers, partners, distributors and former employees—who have enabled us to deliver 25 years of continuous growth.”

Congratulations PICO! and Thank you for your innovation and industry excellence!


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