The next generation of Automotive PicoScopes has arrived!

The big news from Pico Technology in September of this year was the release of the PicoScope 4225 and 4425. The new 2 and 4 channel automotive scopes are replacing the long serving PicoScope 4223 and 4423 scopes.


In line with Pico philosophy, scope performance has been upgraded but the costs remain the same!

Along with upgraded performance, come new operational features providing the automotive technician with additional measurement capabilities and techniques. These capabilities allow the capture of more information and finer detail, over extended periods of time without compromise.

So how is this all possible?

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A brand new feature that confirms on-screen and on-device, that your probe has made connection to the circuit under test before taking the measurements (ideal for those hidden connectors).

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Floating inputs

The BNC input channels are isolated from each other and from USB ground, thus allowing the technician to directly measure across components, carry out volt drop tests, test reverse polarity motors,  and measuring floating ground sensors using all inputs at the same time.

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Higher input range

The input range has been increased to ±200 V reducing the need for attenuation when testing for example, injector circuits.

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More memory  

The new generation scopes have eight times the memory of their predecessors. Allowing more samples to be taken and revealing finer detail when zooming, with the additional benefit of more waveform buffers to review when looking for those elusive intermittent faults.

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Faster sampling

The new scopes can capture up to 400 million samples per second! This ensures nothing is missed even measuring high speed CAN and FlexRay signals.

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USB 3.0 Connection

With all the increased data captured, USB 3.0 ensures faster screen updates whilst remaining fully compatible with USB 2.0.

Accurate diagnosis of today’s vehicles is impossible without an oscilloscope, and the PicoScope 4225 and 4425 models have those needs covered, and are set for the challenges of tomorrow.

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