Current measurement tools and process

Having witnessed recent confusion and inaccuracies in a recent publication I thought a look back at current measurement, tools and process, its intended to provide some much needed clarity. Our history, and the measurement of current goes all the way back to the dark days of off car ecu testing, using a network 500 terminal. [...]

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Miss-fire Misunderstood

I love the word misfire, it’s the most misused expression in the technician’s vocabulary! Simplistically it falls into 3 categories, 1. Ignition malfunction, 2. Mechanical faults, 3. Fueling errors. There we are all done end of topic......well not quite, let me spend the next 700 or so words expanding on why & how. Combustion failure [...]

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DSG Disaster- By Andy Kelly

Article by Andrew Kelly Owner of Drighlington MOT and service station. Not all jobs go to plan. After completing the LUK DSG clutch course we were pleased when a 2011 VW Golf 1.6 Bluemotion with the 7 speed DSG gearbox fitted and a clutch fault. After a discussion with the customer some element of doubt [...]

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You cannot have a steak for the price of a Big Mac

All garage friends must read this, too funny not to share. Email from Customer- Dave, After speaking with you yesterday and indicating that the replacement of the DPF on my NISSAN would be around £800 I called in this morning on the expectation of giving you the go ahead for the work to be done. [...]

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Autoinform Live weekend 2015

Autoinform Live is a hands-on training and networking weekend designed to bring together independent garages with tier 1 manufactures and Automotive trainers. The weekend covers everything from vehicle diagnostics, business development, selecting and fitting the correct parts and new technologies within the Automotive trade. I would like to say a massive thank you to all [...]

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Rover 75 Diagnostics- double trouble

The New Year brings an exciting start to our new training facility at our Preston workshop. Dedicated diagnostic bays run side by side with our commercial repair facility. Training can now be conducted in real time within a live commercial environment, we believe this is a unique opportunity for trainees as well as research and [...]

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50 Shades of Carbon

Hoping to improve on my personal finances I decided to write something dirty this month. Having written many times reflecting on problems associated with diesel combustion and it’s post combustion treatment failures. Also I recall referring to the close similarities with direct petrol injection principles .when   dealing with our diesel car owners, a process of [...]

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